The location of education in the procedure of social formation on the personality

The location of education in the procedure of social formation on the personality

The personality is a item of the socio-historical and ontogenetic improvement of a person

Socialization is a complex, multifaceted process of social formation and development from the personality that happens beneath the influence of social environment and purposeful educational activities of society. The procedure of socialization of the individual presupposes the transformation of someone into a totally fledged member of society, ready to carry out the social functions of a worker in addition to a citizen. Essentially the most necessary tool for the socialization on the person is education as the most significant social institution. In modern day science, education is viewed as a social program that actively interacts using the social atmosphere. Its effectiveness is determined by the systemic characteristics on the interaction amongst education and society.

Value foundations from the processes of education and education of people today in modern day society

Education, as you understand, is the process of familiarizing someone with the universal forms of his being on the planet with other consumers. In essence, this implies that it really is by way of education that people master socially substantial tips, ideas, forms of feeling and behavior in the world around them. That’s why education is normally the process of raising an individual above his organic essence, and, consequently, the approach of his entry into the sphere on the spirit (cultural values), which is, the development of almost everything which has been produced by humanity in the entire history of its existence. Even so, education will not be only the introduction of a person into the universal: into the knowledge, understanding, ways of behavior of other persons – additionally, it presupposes the improvement with the personality itself, its self-awareness, when the universal in it acquires a special kind of life activity. Consequently, we can say that the essence of education is inside the formation and improvement of a person’s character and his spirit.

The program of social institutions as sufficiently steady types of organization of social relations guarantees the functioning of your social organism as a entire, its stability, the continuity of social expertise, acts as a powerful factor within the socialization on the individual. The term “socialization” is revealed ambiguously. It appears crucial for the philosophy of education to interpret it as a process in the formation of an individual in society – the individual’s assignment assimilation of a certain technique of values, norms, attitudes, patterns of behavior inherent within a offered society, a social neighborhood, which enables him to function as their member. Interpretations that emphasize the influence around the individual of each of the a number of and varied social processes in which he’s somehow incorporated, with which he interacts in 1 way or another – acts as an object-subject of social relations.

The location of education in the procedure of social formation on the personality

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